DIY Toilet Paper Roll Stamp Art

This is the perfect rainy day craft to do with the little ones! You can make it using supplies you already have. Who doesn’t have an empty toilet paper roll? Your kids will love making their own rainy day art with a toilet paper roll stamp!


  • Paper
  • Sharpie
  • Paint
  • Toilet paper roll



Step 1: Grab your toilet paper roll and pinch it into the shape of a raindrop. You might want to hold it there for a minute to help it stay in the shape you want. Grab the Sharpie and draw your raincloud.


Step 2: Take the paint colors of your choice (we went with shades of blue) and pour some out onto a plate. To make the stamping easier, spread the paint out so it’s even and flat on the plate.  


Step 3: Stamp away! You or your little ones can have a blast with this step. Do as many or as few as you would like! Let the paint dry and hang it up!


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