We’re Loving This Waterproof, Floatable Speaker Capable Of Storing Up To 2,000 Songs

Few things make me smile when I think of summer like the image of my husband running around in the grass after my son, spraying him with water as music blasts in the background. We’ve been using Speaqua while here in the Hamptons for my father’s 70th and I’m so impressed by how loud and clear this tiny little speaker gets – even outside. Plus, unlike most other portable speakers, it doesn’t require wifi or a phone to enjoy music because it can store up to 2,000 songs.

But we don’t only use it in summer. One of the key things that I attrubute my son sleeping 12 hours at night as of 11 weeks is our bedtime routine, which includes a bath every night. I start off by turning off the lights in his room, turning on the Hatch sound machine and then I bring my son into the bathroom where there’s bath-themed music playing. Speaqua’s speakers come with suction cups, so I can actually suction the one we have to our shower, so it’s playing while he’s relaxing in the tub.

My husband and grandfather will also use it when they bike up and down the block in the Hamptons (my parents live on a dead end street). It suctions on to their helmet to play music for our toddler riding in the seat behind. The only downside is that the battery life is 5-8 hours, so we usually have to charge it after 1-2 uses.

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