My local library Is A Winter Sanity Saver

Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty Images

Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty Images

I have to admit that I hadn’t been to a public library since college. But once I had kids, I needed to find a place where I could go that would engage my kids and maybe give me a little bit of a break. During the winter months, my kids aren’t huge fans of playing in the ice crusted snow in temperatures that dip below zero. So, our local library has become a huge sanity savor for me and a sanctuary of blissed out playtime for my kids.

One day a week, there is Story Time for babies and toddlers, which is perfect for my 22-month-old. She gets to hop up and down while the librarian plays an acoustic guitar and sings songs about the colors of the rainbow or about the differences between over and under. I have grown to look forward to this special hour of the week because it means that I can chill with other moms from my neighborhood, who I never knew before. We trade advice, tips, and phone numbers, making this mom stuff feel just that much easier.


Indoor Winter Fun

For older kids, our library has created a cool program where kids can sign out a clear backpack that is loaded with books, games, DVD’s, and activities based on these like Ancient Egypt, Greek Myths, Science, Gardening, and so many more. We love these backpacks because they give our family new and fun things to do together when the weather is too nasty or cold to go outside.

There are amazing programs for adults too. Each week, my local library hosts speakers who give fantastic talks on everything from local history and legends to how-to type workshops on everything from how to write a novel to how to do your taxes. If there is a gap in topics that people want to hear about, we’re all encouraged to give ideas to the librarian who puts these amazing free events together for the public.

5 Tips For Keeping The Kids Safe This Winter

Not only is a great idea to support your local library because of the wonderful opportunities and free services that they provide but it’s a real chance for you and your kids to get out, meet new people, and explore new ideas. Talk about a win-win!

Many public libraries, especial those in bigger cities with bigger budgets that my rural little library, have free classes that range from CPR to learning foreign languages. There are parenting classes, yoga, arts and crafts, and so much more. If you find yourself suffering from the winter blues or cabin fever then definitely go check out your local library. You will be surprised by the range of quality programming available to you and your family.