5 Simple & Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Already running out of ideas for keeping your kids entertained? We've got five fuss-free (and safe) activities that offer hours of fun (without lots of supplies, cleanup, or setup!).

Organize a nature hunt. Discover a world of natural wonders right outside your door! Create a list of flowers, trees, bugs, and more that your children should look for and have them take a photo of each item as they find it. Before they begin their hunt, make DIY binoculars using toilet paper rolls and markers for even more fun. 


Supplies: 2 empty toilet paper rolls, tape, markers, camera

Do some water painting. Kids love painting; cut the mess by having them use water instead of paint. Give them paintbrushes and a bucket of water, find a sunny spot on your driveway (or a paved area such as a sidewalk), and let them create their masterpieces. Using the water as paint, kids can create various pictures and marvel as they slowly disappear in the sunshine. Bonus: No clean-up required!

Supplies: paintbrush, bucket (or bowl) of water, pavement, a hot day

Play a game of hopscotch. Timeless and easy, this classic game burns energy and takes a long time to get old. Using the chalk, create a hopscotch board. A refresher on how to play: Instruct your child to toss the coin or pebble onto the number one. Then she'll hop on one foot to the number two (skipping number one), then three. Next she'll hop on both feet to four and five, one foot to six, both feet to seven and eight, then one foot to nine. She'll turn around and go back the same way, stopping on two (and staying on one foot) to lean down and pick up the coin before hopping over to where she started.

Supplies: sidewalk chalk, pavement, a coin (or pebble)

Try out lawn bowling. The beauty of lawn bowling is that there are no pins required. Place the rock about eight feet from your "start" line. Split up the balls between the kids (tell them to remember their assigned color). Taking turns, they'll roll—or lightly throw—the ball trying to get it as close as possible to the rock. The winner is the one who gets his ball closest to the rock.

Supplies: 1 large rock, 4 to 6 balls in at least two different colors

Race paper airplanes. No kite? No problem! Turn this classic game into a fun art project by having kids decorate their own planes. Then send them outside to let the flying races begin.

Supplies: paper and markers