5 Kid-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day

While young children may not be able to understand the reasons behind why we celebrate, it is important for us to teach them that our military heroes deserve respect.


Consider taking part in one of these kid-friendly Memorial Day activities to teach your children the importance of honoring our fallen heroes.

1. Fly the red, white and blue. If you don’t have an American flag, help the kids make their own flags from construction paper and staple them onto straws for flying. Teach older children how to fly and fold the flag. Remember to fly your flag at half-mast, a position that is reserved for when the country is in mourning.

2. Visit a national cemetery. Consider taking the children to visit the graves of fallen heroes. Bring flowers to lie on a grave or attend a memorial service. While it may seem grim, the reality is that even young children know people die. Helping them to understand some people die bravely protecting our country may help to give meaning to why we honor them.

3. Send a care package to a soldier. Honor those living heroes who risk their lives to protect our country by sending a card or care package to them. AnySoldier.com is a website that helps citizens connect with soldiers who are currently serving.

4. Sing a patriotic song. Long gone are the days where children sign the Star Spangled Banner or America the Beautiful. Teach your children the words and tunes to some of this nation’s favorites.

5. Make an “American themed” dessert, like a fruit (strawberry and blueberry) and yogurt parfait or cake decorated like a flag. If someone you know is a veteran, invite them over to share.

How will you be spending Memorial Day? Do you have any kid-friendly family traditions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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