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Tips To Find Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Your City

Eating out as a family brings great joy, especially for the mamas tired of preparing all the meals. However, only when the restaurant caters to the needs of your kiddos. When the kids are hungry and the food takes very long to get to the table, or the restaurant menu doesn’t have kid-friendly food, it is tantrum city for the little ones.

The constant bickering, mood swings, and, let’s not forget, the crying dampens the experience for everyone. But mind you, mommies, your munchkins are not at fault. If the restaurant isn’t kid-friendly, meltdowns are much more likely. So, next time you dine out, find a kid-friendly restaurant in your locality with the following tips.

1. Seek references

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We are sure your family, friends, and even colleagues would have faced a similar issue at some point. So, ask them if they have been able to zero down on kid-friendly restaurants. If so, don’t hesitate to ask for the names. Once you note the restaurants’ names, check their website, call the restaurant, or check their reviews before going there with your child.

You can also use social media like Instagram, parent blogs, vlogs, etc., to see if someone has mentioned kid-friendly restaurants. Restaurants with outdoor seating areas are also great, as your kids can move around. We all know littles can’t still for a long time, so with outdoor seating, they can move around and won’t get cranky (hopefully).

2. Don’t hesitate to try new restaurants

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Nowadays, many new establishments come with the added perk of being kid-friendly. So, if you see an ad or a banner of one such restaurant, don’t hesitate to try them out. However, before you go with your kids, check their website.

Alternatively, if possible, make a short visit to the restaurant alone (great idea for some “me” time) and check their menu, facilities like highchairs, etc. Overall, you have to investigate whether the restaurant fulfills its claims of being kid-friendly or not.

3. Check for restaurants where kids can eat for free

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Yes, restaurants like these exist, where kids up to 2-3 years (and sometimes more) can dine for free. So, make sure you call (or check the websites of) every restaurant in your locality. These restaurants will either give meals that are entirely free or offer just the starters or beverages at no cost. Either way, you save some money while enjoying dining out with the family, so it’s a win.

However, make sure to ask them about their service. If the kids’ meals are served with yours, the kiddos will start getting cranky due to the waiting period. But if a restaurant prioritizes serving kids’ orders first, you should definitely add it to your kid-friendly restaurant list.

4. Choose restaurants with a play area

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This one might be tough to find in every city, but some restaurants have designated play areas for little ones. Even having some kid’s game/activity table (especially for toddlers) to keep them busy till their food is served is a huge plus.

If you find one, mark it as the best kid-friendly restaurant for you and your kids (provided the food is hygienically prepared and tastes good). If the restaurant has a play area, do check their safety measures to ensure a happy playtime for your child.

5. Search for a breastfeeding-friendly restaurant

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Not every restaurant welcomes mamas breastfeeding their babies in their establishment. Thus, before reserving your seats, call the restaurant to confirm if they have any issues with it. If they have a separate breastfeeding room, that also works. However, if they don’t allow breastfeeding, cross it from your list of kid-friendly restaurants because being able to breastfeed is the most basic thing you could ask for as a mother.

If you can’t find any kid-friendly restaurant, serve the little ones at home. Take some of their favorite toys, books, coloring books, etc., and order their favorite juice to keep them busy while you enjoy your meal. The kids won’t be hungry and cranky at the restaurant if they eat at home. Plus, with their favorite juice or dessert on the table, you will have a happy little child in your hands.

Let us know if you can find a kid-friendly restaurant in your area. And don’t forget to mention its name to help other mommies out there. If you don’t find one near you, you have a possible business venture at hand!

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