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Must-Have Musical Instruments for Toddlers’ Play Time

Kids love playing musical instruments. It’s their favorite time of the day when they can simply bang those drums. Some time or the other, you must have noticed your little one bopping to tunes. However, with so many options, it can be difficult for parents to understand which musical instruments are best for our toddlers’ playtime.

To make it easier for you, we have listed some fun musical instruments that will keep them busy for a long time and improve their motor skills.

1. Drums

Do not get an actual drum set for your toddler until they are 10-11 years old. Instead, start with simple toy drums. It is easy to manage for them. It is as simple as them hitting the drum and making a sound. That is all they should try to comprehend at this stage: the sound variations. Alternatively, you can also give them bongos.

Coming from a fellow mom, here is a small piece of advice. Drums are good for fine-tuning the motor skills of your munchkins. They learn to hold the drumstick and hit the drums with it for various sound effects. However, don’t leave your toddler alone with this musical instrument, especially if your kid loves putting everything in their mouth.

Be present to stop your toddler from putting the stick in their mouth, as it can hurt them. Also, since kids love to throw things at this age, teach them that the stick is for playing the drums and not for throwing at others or the TV (those little harmless drumsticks can quickly become a big expense).

2. Xylophones

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Your toddler will love playing with xylophones for sure. It’s a must-have musical instrument for your toddler’s playtime. They are colorful and vibrant and introduce a range of musical notes with multi-colored plates.

They come in multiple shapes and sizes, so do your research well and pick the one that will make your little one happy. Plus, since the xylophone also comes with sticks, ensure your child plays the musical instrument under your supervision.

3. Tambourine

The tambourine is a fun musical instrument for your kid’s playtime, especially if you have doubts about drums and xylophones since they come with sticks. This is a safer instrument to play with, and you can leave your little one alone with it.

It simply needs to be shaken with your hands, making it a better option for your munchkins. Tambourine also comes in various materials like wood, plastic, and fabric, so pick the one that meets your safety requirements and your toddler’s fun quotient. 

4. Piano

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Even if you don’t get the other musical instruments, you must get a piano for your toddler. They will have a great playtime with this instrument. Getting a small keyboard with 32 or 37 keys will be perfect for their age, as kids can carry it wherever they want and have fun playing with it.

Kids’ pianos are available in vibrant colors, so choose this musical instrument in your kid’s favorite color and surprise them with it. Plus, getting it in a shade they are attracted to makes it more likely for them to use it.

5. Guitar

Kids’ guitars are usually much smaller, with narrow necks, making it easier to hold and play them. Some guitars come with 3-4 strings, while others come with musical buttons, so depending on your toddler’s age, get the one that will be easier for your toddler to handle. If you are considering a string guitar, make sure they have nylon strings so that their tiny little fingers do not get hurt. 

All these musical instruments for toddlers are great for developing their hand-eye coordination. Also, introducing your kids to music at a young age is always an excellent idea. They are creative and fun (and sometimes loud), but they are perfect to keep the children occupied for a long time. If you don’t want to get them musical instruments, your kitchen utensils will also get the job done. Either way, they will be one happy kid!

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