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Best Indoor Water Activities for Kids

Kids love playing with water. Be it in the swimming pool, bathtub, or at the beach, it isn’t easy to stop them from splashing in water. So, why not use their obsession to your advantage by keeping them engaged with indoor water activities for kids? These will keep the little ones busy for a long time, and you will have some free time to rest and rejuvenate.

1. Paper boat race

You must have made paper boats or ships in childhood, so why not teach your child how to make one? Once they learn how to do the same, give them a water-filled tub to race their little wonky boats and ships with their friends by blowing them around with straws or their mouths.

Kids can color their boats to make it even more fun. This also makes for a fun activity prior to them engaging with the indoor water activity. Keep them busy with different activities for as long as possible because we can all use that break. You can join them and race boats together to see who reaches the finish line first.

2. Go fishing

This indoor water activity is great for toddlers, especially if they are learning about animals. Make fish or any water animal with foam, or grab animal toys and put them in a small tub filled with water. 

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Ask your kids to hook one water animal at a time and name them. Or you name the animals, ask your kid to pick them, and clap for your child every time they get hold of the right animal. This is an engaging indoor water activity that also combines learning. Young kids will love to try this with their parents and grandparents

3. Water scrabble

Who said you can play scrabbles only on paper? Let your kids play water scrabble with their friends or even grandparents. You only need sponges, scissors, a permanent marker, and a container with water. 

Cut the sponges into small squares, write letters, numbers, or words (depending on your child’s skill level and age), and toss them in the water tub. Then, call out those numbers or words and ask your child to search for them in the water. 

This is a great learning technique for preschool kids. You can ask older kids to form sentences from the words they grab from the tub. This way, kids will have a great time learning while playing with water. 

4. Toy sculpture 

Grab your kid’s toys, such as cars, dinosaurs, or monster trucks, and freeze them in a plastic container with water. Let your child use small plastic tools to break them into the toy’s shape before the ice melts. 

This indoor water activity will keep the kids busy for a long time. Moreover, this game greatly improves their fine motor skills and concentration. For added fun, you can set a timer to see which kid completes their toy sculpture first.

However, ensure your kiddos have gloves to prevent their little fingers from freezing. We are all familiar with the pain of handling ice with bare hands.

5. Car wash

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Kids love cars, water, soap, and bubbles. So, give them all this in a tub and let them wash their toy car while playing with water and bubbles. You can add not only cars but also blocks or other toys that need cleaning. Coming from a fellow mom, kids will love this indoor water activity, and you will have one less task on your to-do list. It’s a win-win situation for you and your child.

If you are worried about water splashing all over your room, don’t fill the water to the brim of the container, and keep a thick towel or sheet below the tub to absorb the water. Alternatively, you can play these games at your kitchen sink. So, next time your kid wants to play with water, don’t stop them. Let them play these indoor water games instead to keep them busy and happy.

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