Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Kids spend a lot of time online, playing games and connecting with their friends but the internet can be a dark place. Here are a few ways to help keep your kids safe when they are online.


Stay on top of the latest social media trends and popular apps. It can be hard to keep up with technology that changes so quickly but if your kids know more about the online world than you they will take advantage of it.



Have regular conversations with your kids about online safety. Explain to them the dangers that are present in online spaces and explain to them what being safe online means. Keep the conversation going so they can ask questions or bring up concerns if they encounter questionable content.

Set Boundaries

Establish clear boundaries and rules around when, how often and what online applications kids can use. Set time limits on apps. Have kids turn in devices at the end of the day. Set passwords that only a care giver knows.


Monitoring software can alert you to inappropriate content or potential bullying. You may also choose to increase security by setting up parental controls on your home’s WiFi router and individual devices.

The internet can be a magical place of knowledge and exploration for kids. But if parents don’t take proactive measures the internet can become a dark and dangerous place for kids. Stay informed, keep open communication, set boundaries and monitor your children’s online activity, all of these combined will help reduce the risk of danger.

Keep Kids Safe Online - Kid with cell phone