New Jersey Toddler Goes On $2,000 Walmart Shopping Spree With Mom’s Phone

A toddler from New Jersey went on a bit of a shopping spree with his mom’s phone. Ayaansh Kumar, a two-year-old, accidentally purchased $2,000 worth of furniture on his mom’s Walmart account. This hilarious story was shared by People.

When Technology and Toddlers Meet


Despite baby Kumar’s very expensive shopping spree, his mom and dad are immensely well-humored about it. “He’s so little, he’s so cute, we were laughing that he ordered all this stuff,” Madhu Kumar, the toddler’s mom, relayed to WNBC.

Self-admittedly, momma Kumar has a bit of an online shopping addiction herself. In the interview, she conveyed that her family recently moved to New Jersey. With a new home in need of furniture, she’d been scouring Walmart online, adding tons of items to sort through favorites later. Baby Kumar just made the selection process easier by buying them all!

“She put the phone down and somehow my son managed to get the phone,” says Pramod Jumar, Ayaansh’s father. Or maybe, he just knew how hard it is to decide on furniture and was being a dutiful son.

Baby’s Shopping Spree Is a Gift That Keeps Giving

It wasn’t until after the packages started arriving that little Ayaansh’s secret came to light. According to his parents, at the time of this story’s circulation, they’re still arriving.

“We’re still getting packages,” says mom. “We have a bunch of packages. Like today, there are two packages just sitting outside of our house.”

Baby Kumar is blissfully unaware of the chaos caused. Thankfully, Walmart appears to have been understanding about the situation. The family reports that they’ve been welcomed to return anything that they don’t wish to keep.

Has your child ever gone on such an accidental shopping spree? What did they buy? Let us know in the comments below.

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