The Best Mobile Platforms for Parents

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Sometimes it really does take a village to raise your kids. With constantly changing schedules, budget challenges and time constraints, busy parents new a support system to navigate the world of babies and kids. And sometimes your support system looks a lot like a series of mobile platforms!

From teaching kids about finance to living more sustainably, here are the top mobile platforms geared towards hard-working parents. 

Cently: Automatically adds coupons at checkout so you never miss out on a discount. No matter how much you’re trying to cut back, there are items you have to buy no matter what. Shop smart by using coupons, comparing prices, swapping and buying used.

The Swoondle Society: This mom-founded business offers an easy, hassle-free and fun marketplace for parents to trade their children’s clothing. Their goal is to encourage members to buy fewer, high-quality goods by giving them the opportunity to continuously trade for “new-to-you” items in the right sizes, seasons and genders.

Markid: Designed for parents, by parents, this app and marketplace allows families across the country to buy and sell preloved kids items easily and sustainably. Founded by three parents, the idea was inspired by their own experiences after spending thousands of dollars on baby items with fleeting lifespans and gear their kids barely used.

Benjamin Talks: Provides parents with financial tips and tricks to raise money-smart kids. It’s important to model the financial habits you want your kids to adopt so begin by taking a look at the way you think and feel about money and the triggers that may cause you to overspend. This app was created by three moms with finance backgrounds on a mission to make kids financially fit through purposeful products, accessible content and impactful giving.
Solid Starts: With a First Foods database, guides and recipes, this mom-founded platform has quickly become a go-to source on food for babies, starting solids, picky eating and the family meal.

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