This Viral Video About Motherhood Is Guaranteed to Make You Cry

Oh, Hallmark, you do know how to tug on a mom’s heartstrings.


When I first had my kids, I would hear people telling me constantly how quickly time flies and to cherish every moment of motherhood with my little ones. But whether you are in a sleep deprived haze during the newborn stage or the nervous breakdown stage of trying to cook dinner, drive carpools, complete homework and practice lines to a school play all in one night, it’s easy to brush those words off.

And Hallmark has done an amazing job of reminding us of how quickly time really does fly and we should indeed cherish every moment. Because as their Mother’s Day (2019) commercial reminds us, “There will be a day when you hold them on your hip for the very last time,” as it flashes through all the phases of parenting. “There will be day when you’ve made your final bubble beard. A day when you will no longer be greeted like a hero. Or get the privilege of carrying them up to bed in your arms. Nothing can prepare you for these days.”


Look, we all want to kill our kids several (hundred) times throughout each week, so keeping this ad bookmarked may come in handy. Especially since we often don’t realize that we may be experiencing our lasts with our kids until it’s too late.

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