Father-Daughter Tutu Photoshoot Goes Viral Because How Could It Not?

The phrase ‘daddy’s little girl’ has taken on a new adorable meaning with this viral photoshoot of a dad and daughter duo wearing matching tutu’s. Father, Casey Fields, and his baby girl, one-year-old Layla are seen wearing matching pink tutus, painting their nails, and coloring in a coloring book together in a series of photos by Jenn Floyd Photography. The Internet is losing it over how sweet these images are because how could it not? Look at them!

In a Facebook post by Jenn Floyd Photography, a simple caption reads, “Cutest. Session. Ever. I can’t get over how perfect these turned out. Casey Fields showed his most manly side – the side that isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to make memories with his daughter. Imagine 20 years from now…they will both cherish these!”

Manly is right. Gone are the days when dads are seen as strong if they totally lack emotions and interest in their kids. The new signal of a strong man is one who isn’t afraid to tap into his softer, more emotionally vulnerable and intelligent side. The fact that this dad is so obviously in love with his baby girl, is willing to be seen shirtless and donning a tutu, and participating in typically female activities is breaking the idea that men can’t be fully 100% involved with their kids.

And honestly, it’s a good look for dads.

The original post has been viewed more than one million times and has attracted 13K comments and 52K shares – people really love the sweet vibe emanating from this family.

So, what does the dad think of these images? In an interview with Popsugar Casey Fields said, “If there’s anything to come out of this, I want it to show dads it’s OK to step out of your element for your kids,” he said. “Make memories, be a great dad, and have fun with it. Did I need to put on a tutu to do that? No, I didn’t, but it’s sure gonna be funny when she graduates or gets married because I’m definitely gonna show those pictures off.”

Well done, dad!

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