Mumtastic Roundtable Review – Paw Patrol Edition

Ok – so new toys with kids – what are your thoughts? Do you, as a parent, research the toy and check it out, or buy it on a whim without knowing? I think we have all probably done the latter and bought a toy but soon realised it gets played with for only 5 minutes – and then pushed to the side. What busy parent has time for extensive research?

Well never fear guys, Mumtastic’s Mum Squad are here to help. We have enlisted three of our most trusted for taste mums to do the research for you in our brand new Roundtable Review series!

Here our three mums – Alisha from Live Nourish Flourish, Krystal from Krystal Brooke and Vanessa from Child Blogger – review the latest Paw Patrol toy range, all in the interest of helping fellow Aussie parents decide whether these new toys are right for you family. Take it away guys!

Krystal, Krystal Brooke

Recently my girls were lucky enough to be gifted the new Paw Patrol toys AND I have to say, I have been so impressed with them. They were SO excited to open the packages up – and then once we did, they got straight into seeing what the toys do.

We opened the Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck, Chase’s Ride and Rescue vehicle, plus another of Chase’s smaller vehicles. All of which are currently available at major retailers. I have to say, I’ve been SO impressed with the hours of play it has given them! They have spent lots of time using the water cannon feature on the Fire Truck and playing out different scenarios. I love seeing them use their imaginations.

Mumtastic Roundtable Review – Paw Patrol Edition

Their favourite characters are Skye and Chase – and Kobi really just loves them all. But the thing I have loved watching is how all three of my girls – different ages – have all played together with the toys. So they are super versatile and fun for all ages. I also know my nephew would completely love these – and the girls have already asked if we can have him over to play with their new Paw Patrol toys.

You can see with the pictures, the girls are having so much fun with these already and I know they will be toys that will be played with for much longer than 5 minutes. In fact, they already have.

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Alisha, Live Nourish Flourish

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve probably part watched every Paw Patrol episode imaginable! So, you can definitely say my son Liam is a BIG fan! I really don’t mind that he is because of the nature of the show. He loves watching the pups work together, utilise each others’ skills and have a great time whilst doing it all.

So, when it comes to Paw Patrol toys I’m an even bigger fan. The reason being is that the toys aren’t just trucks or figurines. The team behind these toys have put a lot of thought into the functionality and playability of them. Each toy has the ability to spark imagination with different actions and transformations. Each toy can also work together by hooking, linking or attaching, bringing an episode to life right in front of your child’s eyes!

Let’s start with the Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck, the fire truck that does it all! When Liam opened this up he absolutely lost his mind! This Fire Truck is equipped with an extendable 2 ft. tall ladder, flashing lights and sounds – it’s ready for anything. Liam is a big fan of Marshall and to see that Marshall was included in the box was a plus! Once he had opened the box and I had done all the “adult stuff” for the toy to work, Liam started to discover all the little functions of the Fire Truck. “Look Mummy! Look Mummy! Look Mummy!” That was the soundtrack of the next half hour.

Mumtastic Roundtable Review – Paw Patrol Edition

One of his favourite features was using the water cannon launcher at the bottom of the cab. This sends up to three water cannons (included) flying into the fire. Also, we found that when Marshall needs a helping paw, there’s room for all six pups (not included) aboard this fire truck. So you can have Skye behind the wheel and Zuma operating the water cannon at the back of the truck, while Marshall hops into the Mini Fire Cart which is stored inside the fire truck. Entertainment for hours.

Next up are the Ride & Rescue toys. These are my personal favourites! Not only does Marshall sit and ride in the truck but the truck transforms into a play scenario. Woohoo a two for one deal! In the play scenarios are little figures and playful rescue equipment. The ride and rescue toys are also the best travel companion, because they are compact and can transform from one toy to another. So, this means you, yes you, get to have a HOT coffee in peace with your best mum pal! This means Mr/Miss 3+ will be entertained for at least half hour…boom, toy revolution!

The Ultimate Rescue Mini Vehicles are the simpler toys of the bunch but for good reason. These rescue trucks can interact with each other for the ultimate Paw Patrol themed game. These is also a great handbag toy! Small enough to fit in your bag but big enough to spark imagination and joy in your child. Liam loves Rocky just as much any other pup, and loves going on an ultimate rescue with Rocky’s Mini Crane! Featuring real working treads, a moving crane arm and realistic detailing, this crane vehicle brings the action-packed world of Adventure Bay to life.

So, if you’re wanting to park a little imagination in your child I am a big fan of the Paw Patrol toys and give them the tick of approval!

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Vanessa, Child Blogger

The kids have been playing with Paw Patrol toys for years now as my daughter has loved Paw Patrol from the moment she first started watching their show. When we were asked to review some of their latest toys on offer, I knew the kids would absolutely love the opportunity. Here is a rundown of the three Paw Patrol toys we got to play with and why we love each one of them.

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

My daughter literally squealed when she saw the Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck come out of the box.

Both kids have spent endless amount of time playing with the truck. I have to say from a parent’s point of view – the toy is sturdy! It’s been rolled around the kitchen and living room and often yanked and thrown around by the kids due to the ‘rescue mission’ and that toy stays in one piece. I’m really impressed with that. I have also found that the water cannons have provided so much entertainment to not only the kids but to Dad as well! I love watching him get into the action as he helps the kids shoot the water cannon and aim to put out the fire or help rescue someone.

What I also love about the Fire Truck is that there is so much to play with that they can both play with it at the same time. I find one shooting water cannons from one end of the truck and the other playing with Marshall up and down the ladder and extending the ladder when Marshall needs to rescue a cat.

Ride and Rescue Chase

I have to say, out of all three toys we reviewed – I was most impressed with this one. Upon looking at it, you think it’s just Chase’s police cruiser that the kids will roll around BUT the car turns into a playset!

The kids have three missions that the kids need to help Chase complete:

1. A gopher family is trapped under a tree and Chase needs to pull the tree up.

2. A bunny is stuck under a container and Chase needs to lift the container by pressing the button.

3. My kids favourite one – rescuing Cali the cat stuck on a roof by using the tennis ball launcher and aiming it at the balloons so the cat returns safely to the ground.

Once they are finished with their rescue missions, the playset folds back up to Chase’s police cruiser and packs up neatly including the tennis ball, cat and bunny. The other great thing about the Ride and Rescue is how easy it is to take with you if you want to keep the kids entertained while you’re out having coffee or catching up with friends.

Mumtastic Roundtable Review – Paw Patrol Edition

Ultimate Rescue Themed Vehicle – Skye

Mia loves Skye, so of course getting to play with Skye’s helicopter was so much fun for her. The thing I loved about Skye’s Ultimate Rescue Helicopter is that it really fueled Mia’s imagination in creating rescue missions around the house that she would need to fly Skye to in the helicopter.

One of her favourite scenarios was placing each of the Paw Patrol characters on our living room floor and pretending they were stuck in the ocean and Skye had to rescue each one of them. She would fly the helicopter around and use the extendable rescue hook to save each Paw Patrol and take them to safety i.e. the couch. Each of the Ultimate Rescue vehicles can carry up to two pups.

The Ultimate Rescue Mini Vehicles can also attach to the Ultimate Rescue vehicles, making them functional with the other Paw Patrol toys that you may already own.

Why we love Paw Patrol toys

Having a boy and a girl means that some toys are skewed to one or the other. What I love about the Paw Patrol toys is that it engages both genders. My two kids love playing with Paw Patrol and I love watching them play together.

The other aspect that I like is that it brings the show to life. Both kids have watched countless amounts of episodes, so when they have the toys to play with – it’s interactive, encourages role-play, makes them adventurous and allows them to play happily together.

I find the toys to be great value for money and fabulous quality to withstand the rough and tumble that toys must endure with young kids.

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All toys mentioned in the review are recommended for kids 3yrs+. For more information on any of the Paw Patrol products go to

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