Must-Haves For Moms Everywhere – How Moms Make It Work

VorDa / Getty Images

VorDa / Getty Images

There are must-haves for moms everywhere. As moms, multitasking is not a talent, it’s our new normal. Alongside being omnipresent and all-round magicians. So how do we do it? How do we succeed at a task that seems impossible? Time and again pull off the feat that faces insurmountable odds? It’s magic of course! And every magician has their tools. Today we’re going to briefly draw back the curtain and give mere mortals a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes. Here’s the list of ten things every super mom very likely has in her arsenal. Disclaimer, being super moms, some of us don’t need all ten.

1. Aspirin/painkillers

This is a must-have for moms.There’s a constant supply of painkillers. It’s not that we feel no pain. It’s that we have no time to feel it. Hence, we bow to modern medicine and find relief. Every mom has a stash somewhere.


2. Coffee

Don’t ever judge a human who often manages to function on less than six hours of sleep per night. That human needs a pick me up. You see her in the coffee shop line in the mornings half aware, hoping desperately that her toddler stays in the stroller. She needs coffee. After that, all is right in the world.

3. Wine/alcohol

Coffee is to morning as evening is to wine. It’s so natural it should be law. So, since mom can’t go to happy hour, happy hour comes to her. She just needs to let down her hair both literally and metaphorically

4. Wipes

As super mom goes about saving the world by raising the next generation, she encounters all manner of crap. She doesn’t barf, she rarely complains. She just reaches for her ever-present pack of wipes, removes the mess, and shoulders on.

5. A nanny

Must- have for mom number five is a nanny. As awesome as mom is, she needs support staff. That wonderful creature is called a nanny. She has saved many of husbands’ lives and countless marriages. If you ever meet that spectacular, yet elusive creature, remember to acknowledge her magnificence.

6. Birth control

For the moms who aren’t able to add item number five to their arsenal, they definitely have this one. This gives them hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

7. Adult company

After listening to the shark song on repeat all day, mom needs to converse with someone who knows words that aren’t monosyllabic. Sometimes this make take the form of the partner, but often it’s best friend to the rescue.

8. Door with a lock

Admittedly, new moms don’t get this tool early in the game. It takes experience or the advice of another veteran mom to add this one to the supplies. However, we learn very quickly the value of a locked door.

9. A housekeeper

This tool is very prized and is as important and elusive as the nanny. Not all of us get to have one, and many times have to fill this role. We’re all working with our union delegates to make this one a mandatory service.

10. Great pair of jeans

There just isn’t time to be fancy. So, we need that closet staple that can be almost as dependable as us. It’s usually clean, or at least looks clean, doesn’t need to be ironed, and like us adapts to just about every setting.

So, there you have it! The ten must haves for moms everywhere. When you see the next mom, try to see how many of her tools you can spot.