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5 Online Resources to Help Kids With Their Homework

It is every parent’s instinct to guide and educate their kids as they grow up. The “teacher role” in each of us does not stop when they enter school. It may be stressful at times, but we always make sure to find ways to help them with their school works and projects.

Good thing that we are now in the digital age. Gone are the days that we need to check out the nearby public library to find answers to our kids’ mind boggling questions. With just a single click or a simple swipe on their smartphones, our kids can easily locate the answers to their queries.


Here is a round up some of the best online resources to help kids with their homework.

Fact Monster: Homework Center

Fact Monster has an extensive collection of data to answer students’ questions on various fields. It covers several areas including geography, history, sports, math and biography. The site has a cool and colorful layout to capture the attention of preschool and elementary kids. Cool quizzes and games are available to make learning more exciting to young children.

Kid Info

Kid Info was developed by an elementary teacher to help elementary and middle school kids with their school works. The site links users to hundreds of interesting K-12 online resources, powerpoint presentations and videos. It offers exciting and interactive features to keep students engaged in their studies. Fun pages with free magic tips and music lessons are also accessible to everyone.

Having troubles with your child’s grammar and spelling skills? will save the day. From simple verbs to advanced writing tips, covers everything that elementary students should know about grammar and spelling. What makes the site popular is that its data collection is not just for students. Sample drills, worksheets and activities are also available to help teachers with their classes.

HomeworkSpot.Com links young students to K-12 resources to help them with their school lessons. The site is easy to use as it arranges data according to grade level and subject. It also offers tips to help school children improve their studying and test-taking habits.

Homework Elephant

Many students are visiting Homework Elephant because of its interactive features. Among its unique features is the Agony Elephant. This feature works as the site employs a team of experts to answer the questions that students leave in the Agony Elephant section. Learning and studying techniques are also provided to help kids cope with their school works.

Math Playground

I am one of those people who love English but really suck at Math. It seems like the end of the world to me whenever my son asks me questions about common core math, until I found the Math Playground. Designed with colorful layout, Math Playground is one of the best resources that children grades 1 to 8 can check out to answer their common core math questions. The site is interesting as it teaches math concepts in a fun way. Math videos are available at the site to guide elementary and middle school kids in their journey.

Math stories covering various topics such as commutative property, division, subtraction, algebra, geometry, elapsed time and distributive property are also accessible not just to students but also to math teachers. Kids and adults who are still young at heart will really enjoy this resource as it features games to test our skills and understanding about the different common core math concepts.


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