New Year's Eve Traditions for Kids

11 New Year’s Eve Traditions Kids Will Love

I’m changing things up a little this year; I want to start a tradition or two that my whole family does together each New Year’s Eve. Don’t get me wrong; we’re not going to take a family photo of us all doing stomach crunches or anything crazy like that. Rather, I want to create something fun that we do together year after year. Think New Year’s Eve traditions that mark the beginning of a fresh year that the kids can get involved in too. Here are my top picks:

  1. A family interview. We’re so lucky with how easy it is to record on our phone these days. I’m going to make a list of 10 or so questions and interview the whole family. I want to know what were the best bits of the year, what we each did that made the family so happy and what we are all most looking forward to next year.
  2. New Year’s Eve gratitude practise. It’s easy to forget to look around and see the good in the world. Practising (and teaching your little ones) gratitude sure is a good place to start.New Year's Eve Traditions for Kids
  3. Goal setting. So often it’s just us parents setting goals for the year, but this year I want to get the kids involved too. It doesn’t have to be over the top, just simple goals that work for their age like, what places would they like to visit more? What do they want to do in the afternoons more often? What dinners might they like regularly?
  4. Letter to my future self. I’m going to have the kids write a letter about what they hope happens in the next year. They could write about school, thier friends and how much they enjoy playing with them or even the dreams they wish will come true.
  5. Photo booth. We’ll have some fun at home by starting a photo booth with the kiddies. The best part, all their toys and clothes from the year will make an appearance, so we’ll be able to remember them too. When the shoot is all done, I’ll print the photos ainto a book that will serve as a snapshot of the year just gone.
  6. Fill in the ‘What A Year’ sheet

    Print out this great template and have the kids fill this in. You could even add a photo or a drawing or two to the back as well.New Year's Eve Traditions for Kids
  7. Family ‘drawing’ portrait. My boys will enjoy drawing themselves, the family and other things that matter to them right now. I’m thinking that we could start this tradition in a new book or keep the paper in a box somewhere safe so we can add to it each year.
  8. Fancy pants dinner. Remember the pre-kids days when New Year’s Eve was equal parts great food and great wine? Well, this year I’m going to get the kids to set the menu for the night and help me make a great dinner the whole family can enjoy. Extra points for getting out the ‘good plates and glasses’ (and not breaking them!).New Year's Eve Traditions for Kids
  9. Dress-ups. Sure we think the little ones like dress-ups but what about us big folk too? We couild set a theme and have the whole family dress-up for the night. I’m thinking it would be really nice if your theme tied in with some of your family goals for the year: maybe a travel destination?
  10. Play board games. We could always get out our favourite board games (or maybe you’ve gifted a new one for Christmas in prep for tonight) and spend the night having fun and playing board games!

Which one are you going to do with your lot?


Stace x

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