Gifts for Your Kids That You’ll Secretly Enjoy, Too

Honestly, I’m getting sick of buying my kids all the noisy, light-up, battery-operated toys on their Christmas lists. I mean, wouldn’t it be fantastic if the stuff your kids wanted was stuff you actually wanted to get them? Even better, what if it was something you might secretly enjoy playing with, too? We bought my daughter a programmable robot for Christmas last year, and I swear we kept it out and continued playing with it long after she went to bed.

Shopping for gifts can be exhausting and angst-producing, but make it all worthwhile by choosing gifts that the whole family can have fun with. From crafty projects to techy games and accessories, we’ve got a seriously epic list of gifts your kids will love (that you’ll secretly enjoy). Check ’em out, and find the perfect fit for you (I mean your child!).