8 Indoor Energy-Burning Toddler Activities That Won’t Wreck Your House

I really thought I knew what busy and stressful meant before I had a toddler. Ha! Now, I look back on the pre-baby days (and even the tiny-baby days!) and laugh. That’s because, even though I love my 19-month-old more than anything, she is a tiny tornado and she leaves absolute ruins in her wake. Just folded and stacked two loads of laundry? Too bad, it would be much more fun to tear it all down than let it sit there a minute before it all goes away. And why eat lunch sitting in a high chair with a bib on when it would be much more fun to run around the entire downstairs of the home scattering breadcrumbs and gnawed-off chunks of cheese across the floor? You’re a toddler mom, you get it.

So even though every single day, my little girl is bound to make some sort of chaos that I have to clean up and get over, I try really hard to come up with creative toddler activities that allow her to use up that energy without completely destroying my house. There’s some trial and error involved, of course. But after chatting with some other toddler mommies (and finding a few successes on our own), here are our current favorite indoor activities for toddlers that they’ll love — and you won’t hate.


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