How I Get Out the Door Fast in the Morning (*Even with a Kid)

As a mom, I find that the best way to save time is to be prepared. Here are a couple of ways I think ahead in order to get out the door fast in the morning!


1. Pick out my outfit the night before. OK, I know, this sounds reeeeallllly dorky, but it’s easier for me to get organized when Julian is fast asleep. When he’s awake he needs my full attention!

2. Keep my beauty routine simple. I love Ponds wipes (I even use them in the car as they are super compact and easy), YSL Touche Eclat concealer, and Charlotte Tilbury or Armani cream blush.

3. Always have a great pair of sunglasses on hand. If I don’t have time to put makeup on, big sunnies are a really good idea!

4. Keep a backpack with Julian’s essentials by the door. Sunscreen, wipes, diapers, and a bib are a must. I don’t bother anymore with a giant diaper bag. Back packs are way easier and portable.

Photo: Jordana Brewster/Instagram