7 Parenting Resolutions I Made (& Then Broke)

1. Bring the iPad into his bed at night. At the end of the day, sometimes I’m too tired to argue with Jack about why or why not he can’t play one more game or watch a 20-minute kid show on Netflix. Besides, letting him bring the iPad into his bed gets him into bed and 30-minutes later he’s sound asleep. Winning!

2. Eat chicken nuggets for dinner. I try really hard to serve a home-cooked, balanced meal every single night, but as a working single mom, that goal is just laughable. If my son eats all-natural, all-white-meat chicken from the big bag in the freezer for dinner with a side of cherry tomatoes and a heaping bowl of minute brown rice with a little butter, so be it.


3. Sleep in my bed. My son never starts off in my bed, but he definitely ends up there sometimes. If it’s 3 a.m. and he wants to sleep next to me, I figure why not. At least we’ll both be sleeping—not debating about why he needs to go back to his own room. 

4. Wear comfy clothes every day. I would love to style my kid in cute outfits every single day, but he’s 7 and he doesn’t dig buttons, zippers, or anything matchy-match. If he can pull it on or slide it off, he loves it and gets dressed without a fight. Rushed mornings, minus tears over wearing jeans as opposed to a giant smile over basketball shorts? I say wear what you want and let’s move on! 

5. Pee on trees. This speaks for itself. If we’re at a park that doesn’t have a bathroom or on a road trip with no rest stop in sight, I kind of feel lucky I have a little boy that can ready, aim and fire. 

6. Scarf random food for breakfast. I have a child that doesn’t want eggs or pancakes or cereal for breakfast. He wants pizza, or mac ‘n’ cheese, or salami. This used to drive me crazy but then I realized if my kid eats salami and cheese on whole wheat bread with a glass of OJ, he’s actually eating a balanced meal. Whatever! 

7. Use my iPhone. My son loves to watch YouTube videos on my phone and has conned me into downloading this game and that one. I have a lot of important info on my phone and get nervous that he’ll drop it and ack, crack the screen, but I still let him use it when we’re waiting to be seated at the diner, or any other time to keep him quiet and cool. Wouldn’t you? 

Anything you vowed to stop letting your kid do … ugh, he still does? Share away! 

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