Teacher Assaults 6-Year-Old & Doesn’t Get Fired

As a mom to a 6-year-old kindergartner, I was appalled, horrified, and saddened when I saw this video of a Kindergarten teacher roughly handling a six-year-old kindergartner in Wharton, Ohio. Nothing justifies a teacher putting her hands on a young child. In the video you can see her pushing him against the wall and lifting him up. All I can think about is my son in that situation.

But, we're lucky. Jack's teacher is a sunshiny woman and mom around my age. My first impression of her was positive and warm. It was Jack's first day of kindergarten at a brand new school. He was so excited and I was so nervous. K-5 lined up in front of cones with flags inked with their grade level. When the glass doors opened, a swarm of smiley, happy women and men came walking out.

Jack's teacher greeted her class with the sweetest hello and even cupped her hand on a student's face. My anxiety about Jack starting a new school melted away and I've had the most wonderful experience this year.  

What really boils my blood–and Anthony and Autumn Nelson's (the child's parents)–is that the teacher is only getting a 10-day suspension. WHAT!?

I think she should be fired and charged with criminal assault. And if this were my son, I would press formal charges and allow the matter to play out in court, with or without the school district's support. 

Not only did this woman physically harm the child, but she caused emotional damage. Autumn says her son is scared of the teacher and scared to go to school next year. Can we blame him? 

School, especially for young children, should be nothing short of magical. Circle time, gym, eating in the big kid cafeteria, and getting stickers for good work in the classroom. It should be a safe place. A place kids want to go. This poor child's first take at school was spoiled because of a nasty educator. 

I tapped my friend who is a high school teacher and deals with high school hormones daily (LOL). Teaching is not easy, but she said a teacher should never use force. "The teacher overstepped her authority, caused harm, and should be terminated with due process." 

I want to hear your thoughts, so please chime in!

See the video below: