8 Ways to Stop the Mommy Wars

Gwyneth Paltrow is at it again. Somehow, she just can’t seem to keep her Manolo out of her mouth. This time, the mom of Apple and Moses has taken to her own GOOP website with a post called, "Ending The Mommy Wars” in which she addresses some fallout she recently received for inferring that being a mother with a 9 to 5 job is easier than being a movie star mom like she is.

Yeah, that.


Paltrow received a ton of flack for that statement, which she says was taken completely out of context. She chalks the frackas up to a case of the good old fashioned Mommy Wars. She might be right. 

Since Gwyneth suggests we all support each other more, I thought I’d support her by offering 10 thoughts all moms should keep in mind.

1. Don't assume your day is harder than hers. If you have kids, your day is hard. That’s all there is to it.

2. Avoid using the "C" word. Yes, she’s making different choices than you are, some of which you don’t agree with  — but that (probably) doesn’t mean she’s crazy.

3. Use the same manners you expect your kid to use. If you hear your kid talking about his friends the way you talk about yours, you probably wouldn’t be pleased. So cut it out.

4. Stop labeling other moms as "good" or "bad." The only people who can really judge whether we are good moms or bad moms are our children.

5. Remember, her baby didn't come with a manual either. All moms are trying to figure it out, just like you are.

6. Don't call a mom a slacker just because she has help. Nobody’s tombstone will read, “She did it all herself.” Some moms want help with their kids. Some don’t. All good.

7. Don't assume rich moms have it easy. Even movie stars have kids who need them when they're exhausted, depressed, and tapped out.

8. Be confident in your own choices. Who cares what other moms are doing? 'Nuff said.