5 Things I’ll Never Understand About Toddler Clothes

1. The pockets. I understand that it’s cute for little clothes to have pockets; kids can tuck their hands inside to keep warm, or they can tuck their gloves inside. But I think two pockets is enough. My daughter once had a coat with six separate pockets — SIX!  I’m sure there must be items of baby and toddler clothing out there with even more, but six is the record I’ve come across so far.

2. The variance in sizes. Between stores and even between styles in the same store, there is huge variance in sizes. One 2T top will fit my little girl, but another top of the same size might be too big or even too small. I know clothes vary between stores, and not all two year olds are the same size, but is it too much to ask that sizes be kept fairly uniform? That way, once I know which size fits (whether that size matches her age doesn’t matter), I can keep buying the same size with confidence. Toddlers aren’t very keen on trying clothes on in the store, especially with those huge, scratchy tags.

3. All the pink in the girl’s section. What color are the clothes in the “boy’s” section?  Red, blue, orange, yellow, green, brown, and purple. What color are the clothes in the “girl’s” section?  Pink. Pretty much just pink. I end up buying things from the boy section just for variety. Nothing like starting gender stereotypes young! I don’t want my toddler growing up thinking, or being told by other kids, that girls can’t wear colors other than pink.

4. The washing instructions. Toddler clothes are going to get dirty, a lot. Therefore anything with “dry clean only” on the label is going to be no good to me. I was once given a gorgeous dry clean only outfit for my little girl but hardly ever put her in it for fear of it becoming dirty. I wish all toddler clothes were easy to wash!

5. Inappropriate slogans. I will NEVER understand why clothing manufacturers think it’s a good, or appropriate, idea to put slogans like “I’m too sexy for my shirt” on baby and toddler clothes. There must be a demand or they wouldn’t be made…but I wish clothing companies would let kids be kids!

What baffles you about toddler clothes?

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