Toddler Saves Mom’s Life Using FaceTime App

a baby sitting on the carpet holding a iphone

A 2-year-old boy is being credited with saving his seriously injured mom by using the FaceTime app on her cell phone.

Laura Toone of Tuscan, Arizona, was home alone with her four-year old twin daughters and her two-year old son, Bentley. A fight broke out between the family's pet dogs and a foster dog the Toone family was caring for. While trying to break up the fight, Toone was gravely injured when the fostered dog bit her, nearly severing her middle finger. Bleeding profusely, the mother begged her daughters to grab her phone and dial 911, but the little girls were too frightened to touch the blood-spattered cell phone. As she continued to bleed, Laura feared that she was about to lose consciousness — and that's when Bentley came to the rescue.

The little boy approached with a dish towel he had retrieved from the kitchen, and calmly wiped some of the blood from his mother's iPhone, then pressed FaceTime (the video chat app) to call his mommy's friend, Connie Guerrero.

Guerrero says "All that I could see was his little forehead, and I said 'Hi, Bentley' and it was quiet for a little bit, and then I heard Laura screaming."

Guerrero called 911, and little Bentley unlocked the door to let the firefighter rescue team into the house.

Laura Toone says she is proud of, and very thankful for, the quick action of her pint-sized hero. She is doing alright, and since the incident has taught all of her children how to use 911 in an emergency.