House of Cards

As any working mother can tell you, childcare is a house of cards. One good breeze and the whole thing comes tumbling down around you. And one good breeze can be something as simple as a sick child or as complex as your daycare provider getting a fabulous job with a pretty awesome organization and giving you two weeks notice.


Which is what happened to us last week.

Our entire summer’s worth of fun activitiesswim lessons, library book clubs, Lego camp, and all the transportation to and frotoppled around us. What was the first thing one does with such a situation occurs?

In my case, one accepts a date to the movies and packs a sealed jam jar of white wine to enjoy during the presentation.

In my ex’s case, one says, “Let’s worry about it later.”

In both cases, this is known as the Ostrich Defense.

Fortunately, we popped our heads out of our respective sand and started brainstorming. So far, we’ve narrowed it down to a precarious collection of friends and family providing care for the summer to give us a little time to find a more permanent home away from home for our children, a college-aged nanny who would take the kids to and from their lessons, one of three daycares which have openings even if they don’t have the flexibility we wish, and me quitting my job and staying home full time with the kids to enjoy a summer off.

Actually, that last one is a pipe dream.

What do you do when your childcare arrangements fall apart?