Like Riding a Bike

One of my biggest mommy fails is having a seven year old little boy who doesn’t know how to ride a two wheel bike. It’s not all my fault.


Just mostly.

First, we live on a steep hill with only a small drive way and no sidewalks. His dad’s house is even worse with a steeply sloping driveway down to a busy main street.

Second, Joseph may be one of the most cautious kids I’ve ever met. When I suggested removing his training wheels he looked like I’d just asked him to sky dive without a parachute. “It doesn’t seem safe, Mama.”

“It’ll be great! If you get your training wheels off, we can go for bike rides together on some of the trails by the beach!” I ignored the fact that I don’t have a way to transport said bikes currently.

He shook his head and tooled around on a bike far too small with far too many wheels.

Finally, for his birthday, his grandparents got him a new bicycle. And, upon the advice of a friend, I trekked down to a local baseball field to let him learn to ride around the bases where soft dirt and sod replaces asphalt.

“You’ll probably fall a few times, but it won’t hurt!”

He nodded, giving the bike a look.

“It’s going to be so worth it!” I cheered.

He nodded, sighed and asked for help mounting. I held the bike steady, ran after him, let him find his balance and he was off.

Maybe there’s something to my mommy fail. Instead of taking days of practice, my older boy was able to learn to ride a bike in less than a half hour.

Have you ever had a mommy fail turn out good?