Play Outside

While I might complain about daylight savings time to every person who passes my way, I have to admit I love being able to tell the kids to go play outside while I make dinner. It’s one of the few times I hear my mother’s voice coming from my mouth.

Growing up, we were told to play outside, close the screen door, in or out, and get a drink of water from the hose with a frequency to match no other litany. It’s not wonder I find myself saying the same words.

With the exception of “get a drink out of the hose”.

Not because I have any deep seated fears regarding the chemical make up of your average garden hose—especially since I did my research and bought one that promises to be non-toxic. No, my concern has more to do with the resulting water fights that are just a little too chilly for our still cool evenings.

And yes, while I understand the rest of the country is currently under a foot or so of snow, here in California, we still react as if 55 degrees is frigid and not appropriate weather for spraying one’s brother with a wall of water.

So I’ve added my own variation to the litany, “Don’t play with the water!”

Eventually, in a month or two, it’ll be warm enough in the evenings that the kids will practically take their baths in the wading pool and rinse with the hose. The frigid water will be a welcome relief to the late afternoon heat that will strech into triple digits.

But, for right now, I’m enjoying telling the kids to play outside, to close the screen door, in or out, and for the love of Pete stop spraying the hose at each other.

What are you doing with the longer daylight hours?