Lego Mania

On Christmas Day, I spent three hours building an almost 1,000 piece Lego castle for Joseph since, after all, the box said it was for ages 9-14 and he’s, as he informed me, only six.

Today, that castle is in 736 pieces and scattered across three rooms.

Which makes me wonder why it takes nails, teeth and a screwdriver to get two one by four Lego pieces apart yet when 1,000 are put together the slightest breeze sends them all plummeting like a house of cards.

Joseph’s at the age where he uses the Lego sets as play stages for his mini figures. The sets don’t stand a chance. This means, the three painful hours, 150 pages of instructions, and twitch I developed in my left eye are all for naught. It’s almost physically painful as I walk past the miniature Lego organ that once graced tower number three. I’ve tried to repair and re-set, but it’s no use. As long as he plays with the set, it’s going to be toast.

I thought briefly of putting it on a shelf high above his reach. Then I realized it wasn’t my toy but his. So I left it at his level.

His dad shook his head in commiseration. He spent last Christmas Day building White Cap Bay, complete with rocky shores and pirate ship. He said it lasted all of a week.

On the plus side, the mini figures are still intact.

We’ve also been told to save the instruction books and he’ll decide to start building the sets himself in another couple years.

Do your children play with Legos? Are you the construction manager?