The Switch Witch

We get a visitor, the night of Halloween. No, it’s not trick or treaters. No, it’s not teenagers pretending to be in a costume so they can get candy. We get a visit from the Switch Witch.


Years ago, long before I had children, I worked in an office full of women with young children. One of them, Susan, brought in a giant bag of candy every year. When I finally asked her if her kids minded that she stole their candy, she let me in on the legend of the Switch Witch.

The Switch Witch visits every Halloween evening long after little children are tucked into beds. If you leave your candy on the front porch, she’ll switch it out for nickels. One nickel per candy.

The concept is genius. If my children don’t want to “sell” any of their candy to the Switch Witch, they don’t have to. Or they can sell half of it. Or all of it. It’s up to them.

Last year, Joseph sold most of his and ended up with a little over $7 which he then used to purchase a Lego mini set he’d had his eye on. To him, that was far better than candy.

As for Elizabeth, she kept most of her candy, but still made a few bucks towards a bracelet she wanted. She was allowed one piece a night until I decided the candy was too old to keep. By then, Christmas and an Advent calendar was helping her sweet tooth.

It’s a no fuss, no muss solution to the candy situation and I have to say, I’m so grateful to Susan for sharing it with me.

What do you do with all the Halloween candy?