Bieber Fever

While my daughter was in LA with her aunt, she decided she was going to marry Justin Bieber. While I wish I could write this off as a childish crush, my daughter, as you may recall, is three.


I arrived home from Boston to find my Elizabeth with a bag full of cut out pictures of Justin Bieber telling me she’s going to marry him “for reals”. She and my sister sang along to his CD and said, “We love Justin!” I’d write this off as my sister being young and in the midst of a crush. But she’s 34.

My sister thought it was cute.

I spent the whole ride home trying to decide how bad the situation was. On the outside, it’s a little girl loving a song and singing along. I’m fine with that. But a crush? At three? I’m thinking my sister thought it was fun and made it a game. I did think it was a little over the top to cut out pictures of him and make pins for Elizabeth’s shirt. She has a lot of time ahead of her for crushes and posters and teen idols.

And of course now whenever Elizabeth sees a Justin Bieber game, shirt, movie, CD, or doll she yells, “I love Justin Bieber!”

Her mother, in the meantime, is still trying to figure out how to spell his name properly. (Seriously. Shouldn’t it be Justin Beiber? Doesn’t that make more sense?)

What age do you think it’s appropriate to encourage crushes? Obviously three is too young.