Pinning on Pinterest

Pinterest has become to me, what Martha Stewart was to my mom. A ruler to which we can’t measure up.


The kids and I peer at the pins, each one making us wish all the more that we had even an ounce of the organizational talent these women seem to profess.

Which makes me wonder, do men use Pinterest? Or is it a chick thing?

Pinterest makes me want to grow my hair out so I can learn the 739 ways to braid it.

Pinterest makes me want to move into an Airstream so I can decorate it in the 436 minimalistic designs.

Pinterest makes me wish I’d taken a cake decorating class so I could paint mini Picasos onto cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and cheesecakes.

Pinterest makes me wonder if I’m missing the gene that comes up with ideas like wine pops, cheesecake spoons, and egg carton trains.

Pinterest makes me hungry.

Usually for bacon.

And let’s not even talk about mason jars.

I pin away, drooling and fantasizing and wondering if I could ever be a Pinterest type of mom. The kids and I attempt the projects that look fairly easy – vinegar and baking soda explosions, felt flowers, the random baked item.

The worst thing about Pinterest though, is that every original idea I have, people assume I pinned. Even worse, I eventually find every original idea somewhere on the board making me wonder if there’s any such thing as an original idea.

Which kind of explains why similar movies always seem to come out at the same time.

Do you pin? Are you a Pinterest addict? Do you actually attempt any of the things you pin?