Watching the Olympics With Kids

What’s interesting are the events they want to watch.

I thought for sure Men and Women Gymnastics would be a hit.

They were not.

My children seemed unimpressed by the sheer flexibility and muscle strength required to pull off the flips and jumps. But, as Joseph said, he sees ninjas do that all the time.

Which was an opportune moment for me to discuss the difference between reality and fantasy as well as wires and harnesses. He just sighed, rolled his eyes and replied, “The REAL ninjas don’t need wires.”

He and Elizabeth then tried to show me how they too could do the splits almost and they could sort of stand on their hands if I hold their feet. They were right. That did make the series of back flips the Olympians did seems commonplace.

What they are interested in watching is beach volleyball.

And fencing.

And judo.

Except for the beach volleyball, this all makes sense. After all, Jedi’s fence with their light sabers and using judo is sort of like being a ninja.

I think they might get a kick out of diving and swimming, not to mention the races.

Are your kids showing an interest in any particular Olympic event?

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