Advise for Big Brothers

Over the weekend, dear friends welcomed a new baby girl. This made their son an older brother. Joseph, ever wise for a six-year-old had a little advice for new big brothers.

1. Baby sisters are loud. They wake you up all night. They cry a lot and the pretty much drive you crazy.

2. Baby sisters are really cute, but they know it.

3. Watch out for your Legos. Baby sisters like to eat them. They also like to eat your cars.

4. Baby sisters want to be held. All the time. It’s frustrating.

5. Watch out for the diapers. They’re gross.

While I giggled as Joseph gave me these nuggets of wisdom, I couldn’t help but think: The kid has a point. I don’t know about you, but Joseph’s little sister kept us awake all night. She still manages to wake us up on a regular basis. And with poor Joseph sharing a room with her, there have been mornings when he looks at me with the eyes of a tired old man and says, “You’ve got to do something about her.”

Baby sisters are also really cute. Let’s face it, they pink and dimpled little angels who are out to twist the world around their itty bitty fingers.

I can’t tell you the number of times I had to empty Elizabeth’s mouth. The Lego collection made her cheeks resemble a chipmunk and made my heart stop.

And how they want to be held! Even at nearly three, baby sisters want to be cuddled and held by anyone. Even big brothers.

As for the diapers. Yes. We know. Gross.

What advice would you give a new big brother?

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