Five Ways to Cope With the Terrible Twos

I’ve heard “experts” say the Terrible Twos are just a myth. Those are the self same experts who claim teething doesn’t hurt.



Currently in the middle of my second tour of duty in the Terrible Twos, I’ve come up with a few coping mechanisms to help my fellow mommies out.

1. Music – I’ve controlled many a tantrum induced headache simply by plugging in my iPod. While I can still hear the screams of frustration, they’re somewhat muted by soothing music. As a side benefit, there have been many times that singing to my favorite Glee mash up has shocked my child out of her tantrum.


2. Naps – Never, ever give up the naps at this stage. I know many a mom who told me it was just too difficult to get their children to sleep once they turned two. Trust me, even an hour’s nap will refresh both you and your child. Can’t get them to sleep for an hour? Twenty minutes works in a pinch.


3. Craigslist- My children have an unhealthy fear of Craigslist. Mostly because I threaten to sell them on a regular basis.


4. Pick your battles – After a particularly stressful morning when my daughter wanted to wear a sundress in 20 degree weather, I finally realized sometimes it’s better to let her be cold and learn her lesson than spend a half hour fighting her into a long sleeve shirt.


5. Wine – At the end of the day, pour yourself a glass of wine, take a deep breath, and pat yourself on the back. You – and your toddler – survived another day.