Tune in for Life With Boys

We have had a fantastically busy week involving – well, what exactly, I’m not sure. Somehow, between the wading pool, the snake house at the zoo, and not being able to find the quotation key on my new computer, we’ve managed to fill every moment.

In addition to finding the quotation key (no, it wasn’t in an unusual place – it’s right there between the colons and Enter key – right where you’d expect it to be. And is it the quotation key or the quote key? I know there’s a difference and someone who cares what it is…), some highlights of our week include:

– A long discussion on whether we can know for sure that Nina, the (human) host of the PBS Sprout Good Night Show, is NOT a robot. Lucky for me, a BA in philosophy focusing on the Empricists (those thinkers concerned with what we can know for certain), allowed me to conclude authoritatively that “I don’t know.”

– Attempting to thoughtfully answer the question “What is your favorite carnivorous dinosaur,” followed quickly by “What are your favorite venemous and non-venemous snakes, and why?”

– Having my homemade pancakes (we ran out of mix, usually I rely on Bisquick) judged “not as good as MacDonald’s, but better than IHOP!”

– This song: “Twinkle twinkle, I am Jack, Outer space, Fire attack;”

– and this one: “Hush little Mama, don’t say a word, Alex is gonna buy you a rockin’ bird.”

– My four-year old’s pride in me that I overcame my fear of birds enough to take him into the aviary.

– A new magic trick from my three-year old: “Mama, I’m really good at disappearin’ things. I don’t know where my booger went!”

What’s making your extraordinarily busy week worthwhile?