My Parenting Can Beat Up Your Parenting

So, I often talk about some of the (unfair, unfounded and just plain unnecessary) judgments people make about stay-at-home mothers and their brains.

Some people pointed out that working moms have to deal with their own share of unasked for opinions – and I absolutely agree. In fact, just about every parent I know has had to field some kind of unwelcome judgment of their personal parenting choices – from fellow parents, family, friends, and the random person walking down the street. I myself am a recoverning judge-aholic. I take it day to day – each day that I can be respectful about the parenting choices of others is a good day.

This week, I’m looking for your stories about the judgement you’ve experienced as a parent, to potentially be used in a future article. I’m looking for anecdotes about unsolicited opinions about your role as a stay-at-home parent or a working parent; your choice to home-school or not, participate in preschool, daycare, etc., or not; your choice to breastfeed or not; your decision to go organic or vegetarian (or not); co-sleep or not, or any other of parenting choices you have thoughtfully made. Who is the Judgy-Judgerson in your life?

You can leave your story as a comment, or email me at [email protected] – you can be quoted anonymously or not as you choose. Thank you all immensely – I’m sending good, completely non-judgemental vibes your way!