The Jungle Gym Nursing Award

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to feed and connect emotionally with your baby. But do you ever

feel like you are part mommy, part jungle gym, part lunch buffet while you are nursing your little milk


Have you ever nursed your baby in an uncomfortable or awkward situation such as a moving vehicle or

at the beach? Are you nursing an older toddler who feels the need to wear her full princess costume

complete with tiara and wand while breastfeeding? Have you ever used a breast pump while cooking

dinner, folding laundry or driving a car?

Congratulations! You might just be this year’s annual winner of the Jungle Gym Nursing Award! Take this

fun quiz below to find out if you qualify.

Check all that apply:

  • Football hold? Cradle hold? Cross-cradle hold? Kamikaze hold? Abacadabra hold? You can do them all with expert skill, confidence and ease.
  • You have nursed your baby while as a passenger of a car going 60 miles per hour without unbuckling either yourself or your baby from his car seat.
  • You have nursed your child in any position that resembles one highlighted in the Partners Yoga Guide.
  • While nursing, your baby sings, dances and blows raspberries on your nipples to the beat of “Bust a Move” playing in the background.
  • While nursing, your baby is determined to continue holding any number of random toys which may or may not include a 4 x 4 plastic dump truck, a Bob the Builder chain saw, 3 Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmo and an EZ Bake Oven.
  • You have used a breast pump in more places than you would care to admit, including a gas station bathroom, a movie theatre parking lot and while driving your car.
  • Your child wiggles and climbs around so much while nursing that when finished you may as well have just completed a Pilobolus dance routine.
  • While nursing in any of the following public locations—the mall, the beach, the yogurt shop, the movie theater, the zoo, etc.—your toddler feels the need to stand up, massage your other breast, play with your bra straps and make loud happy grunting noises.
  • You are capable of nursing your baby while also folding laundry, doing dishes and playing Twister. Simultaneously.
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