The Shocking Way Women Answer This Oral Sex Question


Sixty-nine was such an innocent number until a girlfriend whispered its hidden meaning in my ear. The images of intertwined bodies that appeared in our minds both confused us and made us blush. Imagining a guy’s head between our legs sounded weird, but exciting. I had no idea that people did that!

Fast forward a few years to my first oral sex experience.


HOLY MOLY! I’d been missing out!

Fortunately, I had a partner who believed in reciprocation. Heck, I was now all about reciprocation too!

In my early years as a consultant for romance products, I met many women who would happily go down on their partner. However, the same women refused to let their partners go down on them. As someone who enjoyed both aspects, I was shocked to hear this.

After surveying these women, I discovered the main reasons why so many women didn’t want to receive oral pleasure. For starters, many women didn’t feel comfortable with their body’s scent “down there.” We’ve been brainwashed by commercials and advertisements about what makes a woman’s genitals fresh and clean. We’re not supposed to smell like flowers downstairs! In fact, it’s our natural fragrance that make men’s hormones go wild.

The second reason was that we have guilt when it comes to pampering. I’m so good at multitasking that it feels weird to focus on one project at a time. Even when I relax with a bubble bath, I’m trying to catch up on my reading or stack of business magazines. Being on the receiving end of sensual tongue massage borders on decadent. I doubt many men worry if sex will be done in time to swap over the laundry when they’re receiving oral pleasure.

I need decadence. We women need decadence. So, give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the next time your guy wants to go down on you. Orgasms are a million times better than having clean clothes.

Do you prefer to receive or give oral sex?

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