Why You Need a Sex Playlist


Every couple has that one special song.

I’m not talking about the song that was playing when you first kissed or held hands. It’s not the first song you danced to at your wedding either. Your special song is the one playing as you stand in your negligee or birthday suit in your candle-lit bedroom. Those lusty notes that set the mood and let you or your guy know it's time to get busy under the covers.


I’m talking about your sex playlist.

My husband chose our “get busy” music back when we were just dating. We never consciously decided that he’d be our sex playlist creator. Logistics put him in charge of our mood music: No boys were allowed overnight in my dorm, but his dorm had very lax rules about female guests (as in none). By the time I snuck into his room for the evening, his lights were already dimmed and love songs were coming from the boombox. As soon as I stepped through the door, I knew what we’d be doing that night.

Thankfully we had similar tastes in music.

He attempted to woo me with a combination of the always sexy Prince (old school) and the throaty, seductive jazz artist Diana Krall. You have to give him credit. You can’t go wrong with Prince. Even though my attention was focused on our naked intertwined bodies, those songs are forever etched in my mind. Every time I hear “Peel Me a Grape” by Diana Krall, I’m transported to our early days of moans and sighs, all while trying not to fall out of his twin-size bed.

Now with two young kids, we barely have time for foreplay, much less setting the mood with our sex playlist. However, if old school Prince or Diana Krall’s voice comes up on Pandora while we’re chilling in bed together, it never fails to get us in the mood. We can’t let the moment pass us by, right?

What’s on your sex playlist?

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