Why I’m Only Spending $25 On My Husband’s Christmas Gift

The pressure to find the perfect Christmas gifts for my family starts earlier every year, thanks to the pre-Black Friday sales. It’s hard to wrap my brain around because I’m woefully behind on my planning our Friendsgiving (aka Thanksgiving) dinner. All I know is that we’re having turkey and pumpkin pie. My turkey and stuffing leftovers must be stacked in the refrigerator before I can focus on holiday shopping.

Most of my gift giving stress comes from finding the balance between too many or not enough presents for my children. One gift I never stress out about is the one for my husband. We put a $25 limit on gifts for each other. Yes, a measly $25.


Before our self-imposed monetary limit, my husband stressed for weeks about my present. For years, I provided him with a wish list to help him shop. I confess that I’m difficult to shop for. I never feel like I need or want anything. If I see something I need, I purchase it, provided we have the budget for it. I’m a pretty practical person, so I have to justify my wants before clicking the buy button.

My husband never asks for specific gifts either. Since his birthday is mere days before Christmas, I’m tasked with finding two items for him. He hardly ever splurges on himself and feels guilty when he does. He’d rather spend that money on something for me or the kids.

So why a $25 limit? When we first batted around numbers, $25 seemed like enough to purchase something significant without going overboard. Funds were tight when we started this tradition, but it’s stuck with us, even though we’re slightly more comfortable in the finance department.

Now, searching for a thoughtful present for $25 (or less) has become a game. I actually have fun hunting stores and websites for my husband’s perfect gift. Last year my husband surprised me with a beautiful hand-blown glass pendant made by a local artist. It was elegant and understated. He received from me a video game that was extra violent and couldn’t be played with the kids. I wanted him to take more time for himself.

I have no idea what I’m putting under the Christmas tree for my husband this year, but I’m up for the challenge.

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