Why You Should Create a Sex Bucket List


I was much more adventurous in bed during my college days that I am now. I use the term “in bed” loosely since many of my exploits happened under the wide open skies. Now that I’m married with young kids, the most adventurous things get is trying to reach an orgasm before the kids bang on the door, asking for breakfast. This summer, I’m reclaiming my daring side by creating a sex bucket list.

All my mom friends have written a summer bucket list for their family, so why not write my own sex bucket list for the summer?

My married life doesn’t really allow for very many audacious outdoor extracurricular activities, but I can definitely think of exciting things to add to my list. The experience will be completely different than when I accomplished it as a teenager. First of all, I appreciate quality over quantity. Second, I know my body much better than I did then. I’ve had years of experience to discover what makes my breathing heavy and my heart rate rise.

Here are my tips for creating your own sex bucket list:

1. Sit down with your husband or partner and create your list together. He won’t mind, especially when the payoff is sex.

2. If you need ideas, read some erotica or watch steamy movies together.

3. Sex does not have to equal intercourse. Think outside the box. Maybe you can sit in the back of the movie theater and have the best make out session of your life. Or cook an aphrodisiac meal together.

4. Challenge yourself a la Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger in Nine ½ Weeks by feeding each other blindfold. Here’s a list of foods that are perfect for licking off hot bods.

5. Purchase some new sex toys or find new ways to use the ones you already own.

6. Try out new positions!

7. Keep the list short and give yourself a timeline. Create a list just for the summer and once you’ve checked off everything, create another one the fall.

Have fun creating your list. Stretch your comfort zones and try new things. With your sex bucket list, the payoff is more orgasms and a great time with your husband.

Who’s with me?