9 Real Moms Share Their Rudest Wake-Up Calls

I’m constantly jarred awake in unpleasant ways by my kids. My 3-month-old Poppy demands to be fed every morning around 4 a.m. She’ll kick the end of her bassinet to beckon me to her bedside. If I don’t scoop her up immediately she’ll start screaming. Her 4-year-old brother Mason is even more dramatic. On a recent Sunday morning he took a flying leap, landing directly on my kneecap, because it was 6:45 a.m.  and “Time to watch Caillou with me, Mommeeeee!” Othertimes, he’ll wail Mommeeeee and I’ll rush into his room, heart racing, only to discover that he hasn’t fallen out of his loft bed and broken a leg — it’s just that he can’t find the 6 train that he was clutching when he fell asleep (yes, it always turns up under his pillow, inches away from his hand). Of course, I’m not alone.  Dramatic, sometimes painful wake-up calls go hand in hand with motherhood. Here, moms in our community reveal their rudest wake-up calls from their kids:

“A punch in the face is my son’s favourite way to wake me up. A butt in the face if he’s feeling particularly energetic that morning.” –-Legohouse


“The trouble with my son is he doesn’t wake me up. He causes destruction in the bedroom until I wake up and it ends up looking like WW3!” —xprincessx

“I hear his bedroom door slam open, thud thud thud of feet, my door slams open, hee hee hee, then I am jumped on and smack!” —thurinius

“My son picks up my empty water glass from the night before and puts the freezing cold glass on my bare skin! Worst wakeup call ever!” —Mysticalrain

“He wakes up, sits up, and says ‘Mummy is there a sun outside?’ If I say yes, he will whine, if I say no, he will also whine.” –OmarsMum

“My darling eldest daughter takes after me and can be a tad over dramatic. Unfortunately, like a lot of children her age, she is obsessed with Frozen and does the whole Anna ‘The sky is awake, so I’m awake’ routine!” —LoolaBear

“She shouts from her bed ‘mummy, Mummy, MUMMY!!!’ I wake with a start and say ‘What?!” She replies, ‘I’m quite tired so I’m just going to go back to sleep for a while,’ Oh that’s not a good thing to do to mummy in the morning…” —Foogirl

“This morning I woke up to her pretending that her teddy was doing a poo on my face.” –Natsku

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