Happy marriage spark alive

The Little Things We Do To Keep Our Happy Marriage Spark Alive

We are that love-up married couple that still celebrate Valentine’s Day. We don’t go too over the top because it’s also my husband’s birthday, but my husband will send me flowers and I will add something romantic to his birthday gifts, like heart-shaped chocolates. He will probably get lucky that night, too.

Of course, I’ve heard the argument that when you have a happy marriage, Valentine’s Day should be every day. As if! The reality is that everyday life can defeat romance with its eyes closed. There’s a family to take care of and work to do and a mortgage to pay. If you want romance, you’ve got to fight for it. Or not fight… you know what I mean!

Early this year I shared what our new year’s resolutions are as a married couple. To show you how we bring that to life, I thought I’d share my favourite everyday ways we keep our happy marriage sparkly.

  1. We make memories together. Memory making is the best way to connect with the one you love and it’s a great way to reflect on how you’ve grown together. Doing things together that you love or that you or your partner loves is one way to keep things fresh and hopeful. Shared memories are what bind us together and when rough times hit, they can be the glue that draws us back to each other.
  2. We keep things spicy in the bedroom. Whether it’s new lingerie, a new position or a new location, unpredictable sex definitely keeps the spark alive in our relationship.
  3. We go on dates. Easier said than done, but it’s important to book regular date nights. Whether you date at home or go out for dinner, making sure it’s just the two of us is so important. It can be expensive and logistically crazy to go out when you have young kids, but some of the best date nights can happen at home – and they are another way to fill the memory bank.
  4. We play board games. I love being a little competitive with my husband. It allows for flirting and teasing, and that definitely puts a smile on both of our faces. Flirting with your partner can be a lot of fun and can get the heart racing.
  5. We stay connected through SMS and social media. When he’s at work, I try to send a message or a photo to my husband most days. It keeps us in touch with the little things that happen throughout the day. Sometimes a well-worded text message can lead to so much more once the kids are fed, bathed and in bed…

I’m not one for having a mediocre marriage and neither is my husband. Of course it’s not all fifty shades of sex and heart-pumping romance, because life isn’t like that (why can’ t life be like that?), but these simple things work well to keep the spark alive in our marriage. They are little things we always work on to make our connection better.

What are your go-to romantic moments with your husband?

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