To Chrissy Teigen’s Haters: Moms Are Allowed to Have Date Nights, Too

You guys, I’m so sick of the judgement. Really. Why are we constantly attacking other moms? I just posted about it last night on my Facebook page after I saw an article in which a mom was defending herself for formula feeding her baby. I mean, really? We’ve gotten to the point where we’re such b*tches to each other that we judge the way another mom feeds her baby?! Then, as I was getting ready this morning — get this, to leave my kids for a business trip (Bad Mom Alert!), I saw on “The Today Show” that Chrissy Teigen is being attacked for having a date night with her husband — you know, alone, since it was a date — because, gasp, she has a two-week-old daughter, Luna.  

Just look at the insane things people were saying about her on Twitter:


And here’s the thing that annoys me most of all about the verbal abuse the first-time mom is dealing with: Chrissy is doing the right thing. Making time to reconnect with her husband during the stressful newborn period is good for her marriage. Happy parents equal happy children. Take it from a child who knew by age 4 that her parents couldn’t stand each other, having miserable parents makes for a miserable childhood. Maybe if my parents had gone on more date nights they’d still be married. So I’m going to hit right back at the haters, along with Chrissy, and say that having a date night with her husband makes her a GOOD MOM. 

To the critics hiding behind their computer screens and typing judgey Tweets — including “I would never leave my baby after a week!” and “Who wants to leave a one week old baby to go to a bar?” — you don’t have to. But the fact that you’d make different choices doesn’t empower you to tear someone else down. It just doesn’t. Chrissy was well within her rights to go out with her husband. I’m willing to bet any amount of money that her child was well cared for in her absence…so what’s it to you? 

Here’s something else: Chrissy Teigen is not the first mom to have a date night. She’s not the first mom to go out to dinner with her husband with a new baby at home. She’s just not. So back off!

In fact, about a week after my daughter Poppy was born, I nursed her and then walked a block with my husband to have a glass of wine. My daughter and her older brother were in good hands while we were out. We were gone for an hour. And yes, after a week of sitting around in breastmilk-stained sweats, I needed to put on a pretty dress and makeup and have an adult conversation with my husband, alone, surrounded by other adults. For my own sanity, and my husband’s. That time away recharged us and made us feel normal during a totally crazy time in our lives.

Now, I felt a tinge of guilt the whole time we were out, but I’ll be forever grateful for all the support I received. I’m thankful to my mom for insisting that we go and caring for my kids so that I didn’t have to worry while we were out. I’m thankful to my mom friends who were excited that I had the opportunity to go out and supported me when I posted about our night out on social media. And you know the mom I’m really thankful for? The one who was at the restaurant we went to that night. She overheard us talking about our new baby and she didn’t judge me for being out. Instead, she gave me a hug and offered words of support and encouragement. I wish someone had done the same for Chrissy.

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