7 Reasons Why Pregnancy Sex Was Good for My Body Image

When I did get pregnant, I asked my doctor not to tell me how much I weighed. “Tell me if I weigh too much or too little,” I’d say to my ob-gyn, as I looked away from the scale. “But otherwise, I don’t want to hear the number.” To this day, I have no idea how much weight I gained during my pregnancies.

But, as much as I had previously dreaded my newly bigger body, I found myself feeling sexier than I ever had. In fact, I realized that pregnancy sex was pretty amazing for my body image. Here’s why:

1. No one expected me to be thin. It was liberating! Since I wasn’t supposed to be thin, I wasn’t hard on myself because I wasn’t. Sex certainly improves with confidence.

2. The extra hormones boosted my sex drive. It was tough to avoid the desire to have sex…and tough not to have good sex. Personally, I feel good about myself when I’m having good sex. Who doesn’t?

3. It was fun to have bigger boobs. Even if you’ve never been a gal who wanted a bigger rack, it’s fun to try it on for size while pregnant. Your husband undoubtedly agrees.

4. All the ob-gyn appointments made me less self-conscious — and, ultimately, more comfortable with my body.

5. We got creative together. The bigger you get, the harder it will be to have sex in certain positions. I learned to improvise and get comfortable with my husband seeing me from all angles.

6. I got to call the shots. Since you’re the one with a baby in your belly, you get to call the shots during sex. I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel more confident than getting to be in charge for a bit.

7. He wanted to please me all the time. There isn’t a man on Earth who isn’t in awe of his wife’s ability to birth a baby. He’ll be so in awe that he’ll want to please you all the time. All his doting on you will make you feel amazing. And you are!

So if you’re pregnant and worried if you’re sexy now that your body is changing — or if you’re not pregnant but are worried about what will happen to your body for those nine months — don’t worry! Your body will get bigger, but your body will also get sexier. Enjoy it! 

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