101 Cheap & Fun Date Ideas


Free Date Ideas

62. Take a bike ride together. Get some fresh air, exercise, and alone time all in one outing.

63. Go mansion hunting. Visit open houses in the fanciest nearby neighborhood and pretend you’re really in the market for a million dollar listing.

64. Camp in your backyard. Drag the sleeping bags outside, make s’mores, and star gaze.

65. Go on a gallery hop. Check out your local art scene and enjoy free wine and cheese.

66. Test drive high-end cars. Wear your nicest accessories so you’ll look the part when you ask for the keys to that shiny new Ferrari.

67. Train for a race together. Commit to a race, be it a 5K or a triathalon, and push each other to improve your times.

68. Take a bath. Trick out your tub spa-style, with bubbles and candles, then enjoy getting pruney.

69. Go on a personal history tour. Drive around showing each other the schools you attended, apartments you rented, or where you got in big trouble that one time.

70. Read to each other. Spread out a picnic blanket at the park and read aloud from your favorite poet, author, or Harry Potter novel.

71. Swap massages. Break out the scented oil and practice your technique on each other.

72. Play in the snow together. Start a snowball fight and build a snow couple.

73. Browse the bookstore. And curl up in a big chair together to read a story.

74. Attend a free lecture. Or watch a TED talk online. You’ll have so much to discuss.

75. Have a pantry cook-off. Challenge each other to make a meal entirely out of ingredients found in your fridge and pantry.

76. Play catch. Toss a softball, football, or frisbee in the backyard.