101 Cheap & Fun Date Ideas


Daytime Date Ideas

33. Take a dip. Sneak into a hotel pool for an afternoon swim. Drop some cash on lunch and nobody will notice you’re not actually hotel guests.

34. Plant a garden. Choose your favorite vegetables and flowers at the nursery, then get down and dirty digging a backyard garden.

35. Go on a spa date. Spring for a couples’ massage or get side-by-side foot rubs at the nail salon.

36. Try partner yoga. It’s a great way to get physical and enhance your connection.

37. Pose for photos. Never had an engagement shoot? It’s not too late to arrange for glamour shots that capture your love.

38. Play the arcade. Skee ball, air hockey, and Dance Dance Revolution will spark your silly side.

39. Rent a convertible. Grab your shades and hit the road in a sweet drop top.

40. Be a tourist. Visit your town’s most famous sights — the ones you still haven’t gotten around to seeing!

41. Take high tea. Find a hotel that serves traditional English high tea and get dressed up to enjoy some scones and tea sandwiches.

42. Window shop. Stroll the mall, making sure to visit that store that lets you test out their massage chairs.

43. Play mini golf. Putting golf balls into a clowns’ mouth will make you feel like a kid again (but without the kids!).

44. Go fly a kite. Hit the beach or park on a windy day and see how high you can fly.

45. Shop the farmer’s market. Then bring home your goodies and make a feast.

46. Take a massage class. And find out whether it’s better to give or to receive.

47. Enjoy some puppy love. Volunteer to walk the dogs from an animal shelter.

48. Row, row, row a boat. Paddle a canoe or kayak around the lake.

49. Ride the river. Go on a raft, inner tube, or whatever floats your boat.

50. Hit the gym together. Working out is always more fun with a buddy.

51. Ride horses. Be it on a mountain trail, along the beach, or just around the stable, horseback riding is so romantic. Unless you’re allergic.

52. Browse the flea market. Dig for treasures like record albums for your old turntable, first edition novels, or vintage threads.

53. Fly on a trapeze. Try to make a perfect catch with your perfect catch.

54. Go rock climbing. Cheer each other on as you scale real boulders or the climbing wall at the gym.

55. Ride go karts. Winner gets to drive home.

56. Play some tennis. Any game with “love” in the scoring makes a great date.

57. Hit the batting cages. You’ll be swingers in no time.

57. Go skeet shooting. They’re only clay pigeons, so fire away.

58. Go tandem biking. See what it’s like to ride a bicycle built for two.

59. Learn a craft. Find out how to make stained glass, throw pottery, or even tie-dye a tee shirt.

60. Go for a hike. And while you’re following the trail, tell each other a story you’ve never shared before.

61. Visit an amusement park. Ride the coasters, hold hands, and scream.