Banning My Smartphone From Our Bedroom Made Me a Better Wife

My smartphone has always been my post-coital life line. I’m not a big after-sex cuddler, so keeping the phone at my bedside actually helped me stay in bed afterwards. Not to mention I was addicted to checking Facebook and playing Farm Heroes Saga.

But, about a month ago, my book club read Thrive by Arianna Huffington and we challenged each other to try one of Huffington’s tips for seven days. I chose to keep my phone out of my bedroom at night. While I didn’t make it for seven straight days, I learned that I can actually survive the night without my mobile device.


Withdrawal was tough. My fingers itched to tap and scroll through my Facebook feed. I had intense FOMO (ie. Fear of Missing Out). When I had trouble falling asleep, I wanted to reach out to my phone for comfort. Luckily, my lazy butt didn’t miss my phone enough to get out from under my warm covers and retrieve it from my home office.

Once my brain and fingers became accustomed to the change, I started to change too.

I actually started to talk to my husband more. Like, we had real conversations. Not just reminders about packing school lunches or switching the laundry over. I even became a better listener because I wasn’t waiting for him to stop talking so I could look back at my glowing screen.

The hour we usually spent sitting bed watching television or playing games on our phones turned into time to have actual conversations. Because I stopped playing on my phone in bed, he stopped too. I didn’t ask him to join my challenge, but he mirrored my actions. Turns out he started playing on his phone in bed because I  was playing on my phone in bed.

My smartphone has snuck back into our bedroom a few times. It’s still a challenge, but the nights without it are definitely better. We’ve become closer, not just emotionally, but physically.

I actually enjoy cuddling with my husband more. Both before and after sex.

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