Why Your Husband May Cheat

Celebrity news. It’s a microcosm of our society. Lifestyles of the Overindulged and Without Scruples. Celebrity journalists — oxymorons in their own right — highlight the latest indiscretion of some mega-rich, mega-famous husband who had what appeared to be a great marriage and a couple of kids. Then he found some model/starlet/socialite who had more firmness in her tits than morals in her fiber. Three weeks of hit-it-and-quit it and he discovers the TMZ-infused report (complete with a deer-in-headlights picture of him) on page one of The National Shamefest. And now, of course, he’s sorry. Sorry for what? Cheating? Puh-lease. He’s only sorry he got caught.

He is a fraud. A marital faker. He sold out his bed and two nightstands for a one-night-stand, and now he wants the world to believe that he actually gives a sh*t about the woman he claimed to love? His honor: Gone. His integrity: Ha! If he had any, he would’ve had the common decency to leave his current partner before ending up in a bed (or the backseat) with someone else.


The worst part? Nowadays celebrities ain’t got nuthin’ on the extramarital habits of run-of-the-mill suburban dads. Celebrities might have the curse of opportunity, but Suburbanites are cursed with monotony and pressure. Recent research shows that more than 35 percent of men who have been married for more than 10 years have an affair at some point in their relationship. That means one out of every three “happily” married men is keeping a very large secret from his wife and kids.


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